Creating a Genetic Library for Beer

Guelph, ON – The University of Guelph is currently working on a new library focused on hops. The University’s Department of Plant Agriculture has started this project to compile, save and efficiently propagate important Canadian hop varieties.

Dr. Praveen Saxena told Food in Canada,

“There are many very unique and sometimes very rare hops that people have developed over a very long time, and they must be saved in order for people to access them,” says Saxena. “Most of what is needed now is imported from the United States and elsewhere, so keeping a library [at the University of Guelph] would also help reduce that. We want to produce uniform plants in large numbers when they are wanted,” he added.

This library will allow people to bring in samples that they want to be saved and propagated. The idea is “to create a genetic library capable of propagating high-quality crops on demand.”

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