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An international beer publication catering to all who have an appreciation for good beer … engaging, relevant, entertaining information that garners a growing loyal readership with each issue.

“…if I am going to treat myself to a special brew or read, I want it to be well made. And TAPS is.”
– Alan McLeod, A Good Beer Blog

“It’s a magazine that keeps getting better and better, and even if I wasn’t writing for it, I’d be reading every issue from cover to cover.”  
– Greg Clow, Beer, Beats & Bites



Celebrating the World of Canadian Beer and Beyond!

TAPS online aims to be a one-stop shop for all those who are passionate and curious about the craft beverage culture. From beer, cider and spirits to travel and food, we cover it all.

TAPS Media, the parent company of the Canadian Brewing Awards, brings you TAPS online. We feature talented beer and beverage writers from Canada and around the world to keep our readers’ thirst for knowledge quenched.