2016 Holiday Gift Guide

The Holidays are among us and we all have people in our lives that perhaps aren’t so easy to buy for. TAPS has decided to help you out with some ideas that are sure to please the craft beverage loving person in your life. Here is a list of some of our go-tos and must-haves for the season.


Drinks: A User’s Guide by Adam McDowell

This little orange book by Toronto writer Adam McDowell is a nice starter for a budding drinks lover. It covers everything from beer and wine to spirits, with lots of especially useful tips for cocktail enthusiasts. McDowell has a very casual, witty style that avoids snobbery. – Craig Pinhey

$24, amazon.ca


King Cube Ice Tray

These silicone square ice cube trays are amazing cocktails. They are a slow melt, and offer great-sized cubes. I use mine year round! – Johanne McInnis

$12, amazon.ca


Han Solo Mini-Fridge

Embrace your inner geek! It can hold 18 cans and even has red LED mood lighting. I think this might be the future of science fiction-themed refrigeration devices. – Rob Symes

$160. thinkgeek.com


A True 20oz. British Pint Glass

Everyone needs a real UK pint glass since very few pubs in Canada give you a true 20 Oz pint. Perfect for your Sunday lunch bitter while watching Coronation Street. – Craig Pinhey

Prices Vary. zenan.ca


Ten Cocktails: The Art of Convivial Drinking by Alice Lascelles

A must have from a spirits lover perspective is this lovely but very simple book. It has the 10 classic cocktails everyone should know how to make. – Johanne McInnis

$25. amazon.ca


Cherry Lane Cherry Concentrate

Nearly as thick as molasses, the concentrated tart cherry juice from the Vineland, Ontario farm can be added to lager to make the most delicious pseudo Kriek. It is also wonderful in salad dressings, drizzled on roasted meats or even as a desert addition. – Michael Olson

$22. cherrylane.net

Writer's Picks

whiskeyglassThe Canadian Glencairn Glass

It’s fantastic for bourbon, Canadian whiskeys or makes a great cocktail glass as well. – Johanne McInnis.

$10. glencairn.co.uk



Skull of Doom Wall Mounted Bottle Opener

I’m renovating our pantry (what my wife calls it)/beer cellar (what I call it), and I’ve been looking something cool to open bottles on the spot. I knew I needed to look no further when I found this. – Rob Symes

$12. homewetbar.com


All Natural Italian Salumi

The Pingue brothers (Mario and Fern) make all-natural Italian salumi from the best raw meats available and do so without added chemical nitrates or preservatives. – Michael Olson

Prices vary by quantity. pingueprosciutto.com


Game of Thrones Dragonclaw Goblet

I’ve been reading a lot of fantasy novels this year and drinking something dark and strong out of a goblet really puts me in the mood, which is why this gift is so awesome. Yes, you can get your Stannis on with a replica dragon claw chalice, based on those used in Game of Thrones. Disclaimer: don’t try to poison red priestesses with this – your plan is sure to backfire! – Rob Symes

$118. amazon.ca

Editor's Picks


Simon and Pearce Bristol Caviar Chiller

Sometimes you just have to be indulgent and one of my favourite finds this year is the Bristol Caviar Chiller. Even if you’re not serving Ossetra but beautiful Canadian salmon roe, this caviar chiller makes it a special occasion. I love seeing the crushed ice surrounding a luscious mound of fish eggs, it just makes me smile. Do you need this beautiful little dish? No. But you know you want it. – Karla Dudley

$100. gearys.com


Beer Socks

I have a friend who loves to wear fun socks and I think that she would be a huge fan of these. They’re warm, they’re cute, and they send an importnat message. – Kristina Santone

$11. etsy.com


Society of Beer Drinking Ladies Merchandise

They are a group of Toronto ladies passionate about all things craft beer. On the last Friday of every month, they hold a “bevy” in a secret location where they explore delicious craft beer in the company of other fantastic women. They are a fun group of girls and they have amazing merchandise that would make a fantastic gift for the beer drinking lady in your life! I love this tank, but check out their Etsy shop and pick your favourite. – Kristina Santone

Prices vary. etsy.com


150 Years of Canadian Beer Labels by Lawerence C. Sherk

As the author says, “The story of beer is the story of Canada.” Through the bold artwork of beer labels, Sherk’s book celebrates Canada’s long-lasting love affair with beer. A gorgeous hardcover, full-colour coffee table book, it’s the perfect gift for brew lovers this holiday season. Beer historians will appreciate the labels dating back to the late 1870’s and the history of breweries east to west – many of which have been forgotten. Anyone who is excited to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday next year will be pleased to have this beautiful book to add to their collection. – Karla Dudley

$29. amazon.ca